The Directorate of Higher Education (DHE) in Goa, has taken a significant step towards enhancing the quality and capabilities of its faculty with the launch of the Academic Leadership Programme (ALP). The ALP, aligned with the National Education Policy 2020, aims to cultivate visionary leadership qualities among educators, provide strategic insights for academic excellence, encourage collaborative networking, and equip educators with modern leadership techniques and practices.

As part of academic leadership programme, this is the first workshop which will be in association with Infosys Springboard. Similar workshops will be held for the next six months with the help of premier academic institutions and Industries in the country. Among the first of its Academic Leadership Programmes, the Directorate of Higher Education (DHE) plans to send the faculty from Batch I to the Infosys Training Centre at Mysore. This three-day ALP will be attended by 30 faculty members in Batch I at the Infosys Mysore Development Centre from November 22nd to 24th, 2023.

The topics proposed for the workshop by Infosys Springboard encompass a wide range of skills, including design thinking, leadership, effective learner engagement and course and assessment authoring. The primary objective of this programme is to instil visionary leadership qualities in educators, equip them with modern leadership techniques and prepare faculty to take up leadership roles in various educational organisations.

Chief Minister, Dr Pramod Sawant stated that he was delighted that the Directorate of Higher Education and Government of Goa, in collaboration with Infosys Springboard, was launching this three-day Academic Leadership Training programme. He stated that this programme will play a pivotal role in advancing education and empowering faculty for a brighter future in Goa.

At the Flagging off ceremony at the SCERT building at Porvorim, Secretary of Education – Prasad Lolayekar, IAS, congratulated all the participants for their participation in this programme. He spoke about how the participating faculty members could serve as catalysts for positive change within the education system and motivate others to be a part of this programme.

The Director of the Directorate of Higher Education – Bhushan Savoikar, shared his insights about the various initiatives taken by the Directorate of Higher Education in line with the objectives of the National Education Policy, 2020. He also stated, “We aim to take this commitment to new heights with the Academic Leadership Programme”.

Dr. Niyan Marchon, Professor, Goa State Higher Education Council, DHE, mentioned that this programme is a transformative step benefiting both participants and students in the field of education. He highlighted how the collaborative platform will provide educators with practical insights, enhancing their teaching methods and, consequently, enriching the learning experience for students. The Academic Leadership Programme represents one of its kind and a significant milestone in Goa’s commitment to promoting excellence in higher ducation and empowering its educators with the tools and skills needed for visionary leadership.


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