PANAJI: Promoting inter-state sociocultural exchange and helping artists’ livelihoods, banglanatak dot com – best known in Goa for their annual world peace music festival ‘Sur Jahan’; has set up a ‘live’ bazaar of handicrafts ranging from footwear to clothes and various other decorative items authentically crafted by the artists from West Bengal and Rajasthan, at Sadhana Dell’ Arte, Merces-North Goa.

Speaking to, a representative of banglanatak dot com – Rajyashree Mukherjee revealed that  cultural folk programmes and film screenings will also be held among other activities at the Art Space while local handicrafts will be on sale from January 8, 2021.


Durrie : Durrie is a hand-woven rug, made by artists residing in the village of Salawas in Jodhpur. The rugs are woven with unique geometric patterns, flora and specific desert motifs. Artists are highly-skilled and thus have a rich repertoire of products.

Nenaram from Salawas-Jodhpur, seen engrossed in weaving a Durrie.

Jutti- Kasidakari : Juttis are unique handcrafted footwear of Rajasthan. Juttis are adorned with intricate embroidery known as Kasidakari made by the women of community using colorful threads and beads. Patodi in Bamer is a hub of these artists.

Bamboo Mask: Bamboo work is a very traditional craft practiced by artists in the Dakshin Dinajpur district in West Bengal. Indigenous communities craft a range of items like unique masks, lampshades, and varied products.

Representing Artist: Jaga from Kushmandi, Dakshin Dinajpur.

Kantha Stitch: Kantha is an embroidery tradition of Bengal where simple run stitch is used to create exotic motifs. Traditionally women used to stitch together old clothes to make quilts. Kantha artists make lovely embroidered dress materials, stoles and furnishing. Nanoor in Birbhum is a Kantha hub with over 3000 women artisans.

Kantha Stitch

Representing Artist: Amina from Nanoor, Birbhum.

Bengal Handloom: Bengal is the epitome of culture and among its endless treasures is the famous handloom of Nadia district. Weavers hailing from this region specialize in weaving elegant sarees and other handloom products.

Representing Artist: Bappaditya from Santipur, Nadia.

Madur: Madurkathi is a grass weed used for making mats. From plain and fine Masland mats to designed mats with colourful motifs, Madur has a large variety to offer. The Medinipur districts in West Bengal are a hub of over 4000 weavers weaving Madur mats.

Representing Artist: Ranjit from Bhagawanpur, Purba Medinipur district, West Bengal.


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