The 5th edition of First Fridays, themed “Bringing Together the Creative Community in Goa,” was successfully held recently at MO’s Café, Panaji. The meet-up was organised in partnership with the Startup & IT Promotion Cell (SITPC), the Department of Information Technology, Electronics and Communications (DITE&C), and ADI Goa; it served as a vibrant platform for creative individuals to connect, collaborate and exchange knowledge.

With the aim of fostering better connectivity and availability of expertise, the CCG brought together a diverse range of creative talent from across Goa. Architects, artists, craftsmen, designers, and professionals from various creative fields gathered to exchange ideas, network, and explore potential collaborations.

During the event, Roy, a member of the CCG community, unveiled the first version of the website, which featured sections such as ‘Discover Our Community’, ‘First Friday’, ‘Design Policy’, ‘Resources and Support’, ‘Design Intervention’, ‘What’s Happening in Goa’, and ‘Community Board’. Notably, the ‘Directory of Members’ section received significant attention, which will allow designers to register and connect with other creative individuals in Goa through categorised and regional options. This feature, along with others, highlights the community’s commitment to promoting cooperation and inclusivity, welcoming both residents of Goa and digital nomads to participate in strengthening the creative ecosystem.

Participants actively engaged in discussions and provided insightful suggestions. Their proactive engagement reflected a commitment to community growth and innovation. Suggestions included focusing on awareness about the directory through referral-based registrations, circulating information through WhatsApp communities and to create a vibrant Facebook community to showcase individual skills and build personalized pathways all in line with their shared goal of fostering collaboration and resourcefulness among creatives.

Darpana Athale, introduced the questionnaire, aimed at formulating a Policy for the Creative Industry of Goa to new community members. This questionnaire aimed to understand the composition of the creative community in Goa and its subsets, facilitating association with the Department of Information Technology, Electronics & Communications (DITE&C), government of Goa to address challenges and foster a thriving creative ecosystem.

D S Prashant, CEO of the Startup & IT Promotion Cell, encouraged participants to envision Goa’s future and its focus areas for the next decade, particularly emphasising the role of creative practitioners in shaping Goa’s identity as a design capital.

Towards the end of the meet – up, all attendees took the opportunity to introduce themselves, sharing their visions and discuss ways they could contribute to the design policy aimed at positioning Goa as the Design Capital.

Overall, the 5th edition of First Fridays further solidified Goa’s position as a hub for creativity and innovation. The CCG looks forward to continuing to nurture and support the creative talent in Goa, driving growth and excellence in the region’s creative industry, states a press release.


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