PANAJI: Goan singer Francis Paul in his latest music video ‘Tough Times’, has
highlighted the enormous hardships faced by the society in the pandemic situation, while also underlining the need to get through these tough times holding hands and letting love shine.

The renowned songwriter and saxophonist from Verna, who has to his credit two other originals ‘Save Our Trees’ and ‘Quarantined’, has himself suffered in the unprecedented Covid-19 times with almost all his shows getting cancelled during the first wave of the pandemic and now the second wave. caught up with Francis Paul, who also performs at resorts and private events with his duo band ‘The Riffs’ besides creating original music.

“I have been staying at home and staying safe. I’ve tried to utilise this time to give vent to my creativity and emotions. I realised that there was a lack of original English songs being done in Goa. Most of the musicians including me were only doing cover songs of famous international artists. So I decided to start composing and writing my own songs. The happenings around inspired me to write this song as well as my previous songs. My endeavour is to create meaningful original songs in various genres. Every composition of mine so far has a message which I try to spread to public in the form of a song. This is my small contribution towards making this world a better place,” revealed 50-year-old Francis Paul.

As we witness the havoc wreaked by the pandemic, our heart goes out to those in difficulties. Francis Paul has described the sorry tale in a video-narrative bluesy composition.

“Since the pandemic started, many people have been going through very difficult times. Currently the second wave is making it even worse. Many people are sick and losing their loved ones. Many are suffering. Many have lost their jobs…it is becoming extremely difficult to make ends meet. How long will these tough times last? Is it going to get any better for our kids in the future? We need to get through these tough times holding hands and letting love shine. Because tough times never last only tough people do. This is what my song is about,” explained Francis Paul. “I created this song ‘Tough Times’ in the Blues genre because it is a very emotional form of music. While ‘blues’ lyrics are usually about personal adversity, it is also about overcoming hard times, saying what you feel, ridding yourself of frustration and hoping things will change for the better,” he added.

‘Tough Times’ was released on 25th April 2021 by Goa’s renowned bluesman Errol Andrade (lead guitarist of Crimson Tide band) and the music video can be viewed on YouTube.



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