by Sanatkumar Phadte

Noted Goan singer and music composer Mukesh Ghatwal has come up with a new video ‘Neelkanta Shankara’, which is gaining popularity especially with youth. Being a fusion of soothing devotional track infused with rap, the renowned music composer also highlighted the meditative feel of the track that has struck a chord with the audience in general.

In an interview with www.Livenewsgoa.com, Mukesh opens up candidly on various aspects of his latest song.


LNG: ‘Neelkanta Shankara’ has an amazing musical treatment. Tell us more about the process of composition?                                 

MG: Thank you. Well, whenever I compose any song, the journey of that song is never decided. It always goes as per the flow, the feel and my mood. And of course, there is always one thing at the back of my mind, that there is a need to do something new and different. And the rest is the final song that you’ll can hear.

LNG: What made you to compose this song in a foot-tapping fashion?

MG: As per the lyrics, I wanted to give the song a meditative feel but with a touch of modern fusion. While doing this, the idea of adding rap just came to my mind. So I decided to give it a try and it worked really well for me.

LNG: The youngsters are definitely going to groove to the song. What are your thoughts on this?  

MG: Well, I don’t like to filter or set a specific target audience for me. All are important and yes, the youth have fortunately got very much attracted to the song as I received many compliments from all types of audience especially the youth. I am happy to hear that people are enjoying it.                        

LNG: The cinematography is giving an exotic feel to the video.       

MG: For every song, video requirements are different. And I think in Goa, Konkani videos are doing great. Secondly with regards to this video, we didn’t do it to be different or in comparison with others, we did it as per our feel and requirements of the concept. For that our Director of Photography (DOP) Kalpit Gaonkar and adv. Celesta Saldanha, who guided on the concept, did a fantastic job.                                  

LNG: How was your experience while doing this track?                                  

MG : I had an amazing experience and a very creative too, as I like working from my heart. So it is always different experience every time when I do a new song. Secondly the lyricist, John Aguiar was personally very much supportive and encouraging with all the positive vibes.                                        


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