PANAJI: National-level bodybuilding judge and former ‘Mr Goa’ title-winner Machindra Jalmi is a health care worker (HCW) with a difference. His bulging muscles apart, the 43-year-old has a big heart!

As a Forensic Department employee of Goa Medical College Hospital, his hands have been full during the Covid-19 pandemic for over a year now. That apart, the resident of Cudnem-Sanquelim, is a kind person as he makes sure that he helps out those suffering while being unable to afford basic requirements, even to do the cremation of dead bodies.

“I have now provided a hot water dispenser. And as the word spreads, I have made some unknown friends who call up and pledge support. I will continue to help,” Machindra told www.livenewsgoa.com.

Machindra is now awaiting the arrival of two blood pressure monitoring apparatus and same number of stretchers as his donation to the Covid ward.

Earlier this month; Machindra donated 80 mattresses,  80 pillows and 80 bed-sheets for the needy patients at GMC. He had also given 20 mattresses, 20 bed-sheets and 20 pillows at a hospital in Bicholim.

While ‘giving’ is a noble deed and provides a sense of satisfaction or the much-needed feel-good factor in these unprecedented depressing times, it cannot downplay the importance of a quality time spent with the family.

At the end of the day of draining and stressful task; working with dead bodies as a Lab Technician, Machindra does not even have the comfort of going back to his family and getting recharged as these times are so infectious that one abhors the thought of transferring the virus into the family.

“I go home ensuring that my kids are asleep. Since this pandemic started, I have become an outsider for my family..I cannot even hug my kids,” revealed Machindra.

If anybody wants to help in the ongoing battle against Covid-19, you can contact Machindra +91 96373 61315.


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