The 54th International Film Festival of India turned its spotlight on ‘Gandhi Talks’ today, featuring prominent actors Vijay Sethupathi, Aditi Rao Hydari, Arvind Swami and Siddarth Jadav. Vijay Sethupathi along with producers Shariq Patel and Rajesh Kejriwal interacted with the media here in Goa today.

‘Gandhi Talks’ is the first silent movie to be screened at IFFI. It aims to recreate the nostalgia of the classic silent movies. The movie brings out the dichotomy between the Gandhi on currency notes and Gandhi’s ideals that everyone wishes to imbibe.

Speaking about the movie, producer Shariq Patel added that it was an interesting concept by the Director to use only visual medium for communication. The ensemble cast of Vijay, Aditi, Arvind, Siddarth gave them the confidence to go ahead. “Having A R Rahman for the soundtrack was the icing on the cake” said the producer.

Vijay Sethupathy, speaking on the film, added “Justice is different from reality. Initially the protagonist reacts to the Gandhi on the notes but later he starts reacting to the Gandhi in his heart (Gandhi’s deals). This is the dichotomy that the movie explores.”

Replying to a query whether it was difficult to act in a silent film, the actor stated that his acting is not impacted by the existence of dialogues and there is no reason why it should be.   Speaking about success as an actor, he adds “I expect the art form to bless us and to convince the audience. There is always a risk of success and failure in any kind of cinema. Living with butterflies in your stomach is part of the profession.”


A silent black comedy, about the monetary needs of a character and how it impacts the others. A young, unemployed graduate Mahadev’s struggle to land a job through any means possible and crosses paths with a businessman and petty thief. A subject wherein silence speaks much louder than words. Gandhi Talks aims at telling a story by switching off the device of dialogue, which is not only scary but also interesting and challenging.

Cast and Crew

Director: Kishor Pandurang Belekar

Producer: Zee Studios, Kyoorius & Moviemill

Screenplay : Kishor P. Belekar

DOP: Karan B. Rawat

Editor: Ashish Mhatre

Cast: Vijay Sethupathy, Aditi Rao Hydri, Arvind Swamy, Siddharth Jadhav


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