IM Ritviz Parab of Salcete reigned supreme at the Unity Club – 2nd All-India Open Rapid Rating Chess Tournament 2024 at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao. Parab was exceptional throughout the tournament, staying unbeaten and amassing 8 points. He was awarded the championship on better tie-break score after IM Ethan Vaz also secured the same number of points.

The first Tie-break system used was Bucholz cut 1, which  adds the sum of the opponents points less the worst result of each player and the higher one wins.

Parab was awarded the coveted championship title, a cash prize of Rs. 55,000 and a trophy. He had earlier beaten IM Nitish Belurkar and drawn with IM Ethan Vaz.

Vaz, who  secured the second position with 8 points, having drawn the game with the champion in the ninth round; received a cash prize of Rs. 33,000 and a trophy.

FM Apoorv Kamble of Karnataka claimed the third spot, defeating Mayuresh Laxlabh Desai in the final round, and was presented with a cash prize of Rs. 22,000 and a trophy.

Both Grandmasters – GM Venkatesh M.R. and GM Saptarshi Roy Chowdhury, were paired on the second board and the draw result meant that they had to be content with the 5th and 7th position respectively.

Kerala player Arpith Bijoy who beat GM M. R.Venkatesh in the 5th round, drew with IM Ethan Vaz in the 7th round but lost to eventual winner Ritviz  in the 8th round. He finished in 4th place. IM Nitish Belurkar was placed 6th after a draw with FM Saurav Kherdekar in the 8th round.

The following players secured places from 4th to 30th:  IM Sammed Jaykumar Shete (Maharashtra), Shaun Deon Sequeira (Karnataka), FM Sauravh Khherdekar (Maharashtra), IM Ameya Audi, AGM Prashanth Naik (Karnataka), Gugan G (Tamil Nadu), Aayush Shirodkar, Aarth Siddhesh Shenvi Karapurkar, Balkishan A. (Karnataka), Nameet Chavan (Maharashtra), FM Joydeep Dutta (West Bengal), Sharsha Backer (Kerala), Dmitry Bezstrakhov, Mayuresh Laxlabh Desai, Kanishk Sagar Sawant, Vivaan Sunil Ballikar, Tejas R Shet Verenkar, Saras Summer Powar, Shriya Patil, Aarush Bhat, Edrick Vaz, Anish Naik and Atharv Katkar.

Other categories:

Best in 1800-2000 rating:

· 1st Place: Lad Mandar Pradip

Best 1600-1800

· 1st Place: Ravindra Nikam

· 2nd Place: Thangraj Nadar

· 3rd Place: Joshua Mark Telles

Best 1400-1600

· 1st Place: Sarvang Pagi

· 2nd Place: Atharva Atul Borkar

· 3rd Place: Sahil Sachin Shetty

Best Un-rated

· 1st Place: Raju Anand Bandodkar

· 2nd Place: Abhishesh N Prabhu Desai

· 3rd Place: Pranav Vinod Venkiteswaran

All-India Age-Group Category:

Under U15(Boys):

· 1st Place: Chaitanya V Gaonkar

· 2nd Place: Aniket Ekka

· 3rd Place: Adrij Bhattacharyya

Under U15(Girls):

· 1st Place: Valanka Fernandes

· 2nd Place: Alysa Lavita Coutinho

· 3rd Place: Avni Atul Kamat

Under U13(Boys):

· 1st Place: Hriday Tukaram Morajkar

· 2nd Place: Achinthya Bhat

· 3rd Place: Abhineeth Bhat

Under U13(Girls):

· 1st Place: Maizah Sayyed

· 2nd Place: Saeeja Gunesh Dessai

· 3rd Place: Lincia Jocelyn Dsouza

Under U11(Boys):

· 1st Place: Vipul Kadam

· 2nd Place: Aaryavrat Rasiket Naik Desai

· 3rd Place: Shourya Bagdia

Under U11(Girls):

· 1st Place: Skyla Rodrigues

· 2nd Place: Rizelle Alida Dsouza

· 3rd Place: Szurina Vasarhelyi

Under U09(Boys):

· 1st Place: Vihaan Tari

· 2nd Place: Aayiu Atindrya Shetty

· 3rd Place: Siddhan Dewani

Under U09(Girls):

· 1st Place: Avani Sawaikar

· 2nd Place: Shreya Ashish Jambhale

· 3rd Place: Shinel Rodrigues

Under U07(Boys):

· 1st Place: Evan Antonio Telles

· 2nd Place: Prayank Gaonkar

· 3rd Place: Narayan Alias Aarav A Prabhu Dessai

Under U07(Girls):

· 1st Place: Shreesha Sushant Ghadi

· 2nd Place: Sidonia Dacunha

· 3rd Place: Shivanya Rao

All-Goa Age-Group Category:

Under U15(Boys):

· 1st Place: Atharva Sawal

· 2nd Place: Aiden Jesus Savio Grao

· 3rd Place: Manjunath Dhruv Desai

Under U15(Girls):

· 1st Place: Shrusthi Shenvi

· 2nd Place: Aarvi Vikas Naik

· 3rd Place: Aditi Atul Kamat

Under U13(Boys):

· 1st Place: Naksh Arsekar

· 2nd Place: Shlok Sanjiv Mesta

· 3rd Place: Erwin Albuquerque

Under U13(Girls):

· 1st Place: Shrivalli Sanjay Gandhi

· 2nd Place: Jennica Sequeira

· 3rd Place: Riddhi Sanjay Gaude

Under U11(Boys):

· 1st Place: Shubh Vishnu Borkar

· 2nd Place: Arthav Shirodker

· 3rd Place: Rhys Dominic Carvalho

Under U11(Girls):

· 1st Place: Muriel Shanessa Fernandes

· 2nd Place: Asmi Amit Terse

· 3rd Place: Diya Digamber Sawal

Under U09(Boys):

· 1st Place: Sarthak G Naik

· 2nd Place: Aryan Naik

· 3rd Place: Zacharias Gonsalves

Under U09(Girls):

· 1st Place: Krutika Aggarwal

· 2nd Place: Drisha Ghonge

· 3rd Place: Shanvi Redkar

Under U07(Boys):

· 1st Place: Advith Pravin Chodankar

· 2nd Place: Schaffer Antunes Viegas

· 3rd Place: Rihaan Ritesh Narvekar

Under U07(Girls):

· 1st Place: Aaradya Dessai

· 2nd Place: Amaira Borkar

· 3rd Place: Phacelia Eliaza Barreto

Best from Salcete Age-Group Category:

Under U15(Boys):

· 1st Place: Gomes Solaman Darius

Under U13(Boys):

· 1st Place: Tanish Bandodkar

Under U13(Girls):

· 1st Place: Archi Katkar

Under U11(Boys):

· 1st Place: Jess Nathan Cardozo

Under U11(Girls):

· 1st Place: Jensina Sequeira

Under U09(Boys):

· 1st Place: Samarth Siddhanth Naik

Under U09(Girls):

· 1st Place: Janelly Franshella Vaz


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