Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd. (IPSCDL) has achieved a significant milestone with the completion of the construction of a crucial manhole in St. Inez, located near the Sheetal Hotel junction. This infrastructure project, featuring a depth of 4 metres and a diameter of 3 metres, represents a major engineering achievement despite numerous challenges.


The excavation process was particularly delicate due to the presence of several critical utilities:

Gas Pipeline : The excavation was carried out with utmost care to avoid any damage to the gas line passing through the excavation chamber.

Sewage Pumping Line: The existing sewage pumping line, which transports sewage from the Don Bosco pumping station to the STP, had to be carefully preserved.

Electrical Cables and Fibre Cables:The presence of electrical and BSNL internet cables necessitated precision to avoid service disruptions.

To protect these utilities, manual excavation was conducted, ensuring the safety and integrity of existing services.


Junction Location: The manhole’s location at a busy junction required the connection of three pipes:

   – One from the Taj Vivanta side

   – One from the Madhuban junction side

   – One going towards Caculo Mall

Level Differentiation: Ensuring proper leveling of the three connecting pipes was critical. The team meticulously checked the inward and outward levels of the pipes to ensure proper alignment.

Reinforcement and Concreting: The overhead existing pumping line posed challenges for tying reinforcement and conducting concreting work. Special strategies were employed to maneuver around these obstacles.

Formwork Availability: The 3-meter diameter of the manhole, larger than the typical 2-meter diameter, required special formwork. This was sourced and implemented to facilitate the concreting process.

Despite these complexities, the project was completed without damaging any utilities, showcasing the team’s expertise and commitment to excellence.

“We are extremely proud of our team’s dedication and technical proficiency in completing this challenging project,” said Top Official of IPSCDL. “Completion of this manhole is a testament to our commitment to enhancing the city’s infrastructure with precision and care.”

The completion of this manhole improves the efficiency and reliability of the local infrastructure, contributing significantly to the city’s overall development.


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