In its commitment to developing smart infrastructure, the Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Limited (IPSCDL) is spearheading the transformation of St. Inez Road. This initiative aims to enhance connectivity and urban mobility, ultimately contributing to the city’s modernisation agenda. To expedite the smart road project connecting Madhuban Circle to Sheetal Restaurant, IPSCDL has undertaken the removal and relocation of two obstructing trees. The presence of these trees had caused delays in the project’s execution, impeding proposed carriage ways and utility services, states a press release.

Approval from the Forest Department

IPSCDL has meticulously secured all necessary permissions for this endeavour, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. The Forest Department has granted authorization for the removal of a rain tree and the translocation of a banyan tree, both deemed impediments to the project’s advancement.Supervised by the Range Forest Officer (RFO) of Panaji and other officials, the translocation process of the banyan tree is expected to be completed by April 15.

“After careful examination of the Smart City project plan, the request made by Goa State Urban Development agency (GSUDA) and considering the delay caused to the work by the two trees, we have granted permission for the removal of the obstructing trees. We have permitted for the removal of a rain tree and translocation of a banyan tree, both deemed impediments to the project’s advancement. This decision aligns with our commitment towards facilitating sustainable development ensuring replantation of saplings and seeking possibility of transplanting where ever it’s possible.” said, Jiss K Varkey, IFS Dy. Conservator of Forests , North Goa Division, Goa.

No Objection Certificate by Kamat Plaza CHS

The Kamat Plaza Cooperative Housing Society (CHS) issued a No Objection Certificate (NOC) on April 6th, 2022, due to concerns that the roots of two trees had encroached beneath buildings No. 1 and 4 within the society premises. Additionally, these roots had caused damage to underground drinking water pipelines, posing a threat to the structural integrity of the buildings. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the society of Kamat Plaza convened a meeting on January 8th, 2024, and passed a resolution authorizing the expeditious removal of the two trees by relevant authorities.

IPSCDL’s Green Cover Initiative

In alignment with its commitment to environmental stewardship, IPSCDL has commenced a green cover initiative to offset the loss of the removed trees. This compensation strategy involves planting tall saplings with robust endurance, ensuring biodiversity preservation and urban greening.

Under this initiative, IPSCDL mandates the planting of three saplings for every tree removed, thereby enhancing green spaces across Panaji city. Furthermore, the organization is intensifying its efforts by planting approximately 500 trees equipped with geo-tagging functionality. This innovative feature enables real-time monitoring of plant growth and protection status, underscoring IPSCDL’s dedication to sustainable urban development.

As IPSCDL continues its transformative efforts, it remains committed to balancing progress with environmental conservation, ensuring a vibrant and resilient future for Panaji and its residents.

On the completed Menezes Braganza road and Dr. P. Shirgaonkar Road in Central Panaji , the entire stretch which was breft of trees has been re-greened with – canopy trees which have now taken root showing the commitment towards the re-greening effort.IPSCDL is  also planting nearly 30 canopy trees along the stretch from Madhuban Complex to Sheetal Hotel, St Inez, to enhance Panaji’s beauty and greenery.


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