A self-taught musician, J has no formal training in classical singing; yet, his passion for music has driven him to receive worldwide recognition

PANAJI: With  four internationally hit songs in the English Pop genre and clocking over 2.7 million views across all his songs on YouTube; ‘Lord J’ is a rare star who keeps himself away from  the limelight. In an exclusive email interview with, the Indian-origin mystic-turned successful world-famous music icon and author of the book ‘Lord J – The Lord Of Anonymity,’ Lord J shares his story as he relishes the ‘anonymous’ path to glory.
Hailing from Varanasi and currently based in Bengaluru, J’s music has received worldwide
acclaim majorly from USA, UK, Russia and India even though his real identity is kept hidden from the press and media.

LNG: Describe in brief your journey from being a mystic to becoming a successful international music star.

J: The sheer fear of death, I once escaped a tree fall by inches(this incident is in my book also), after that all my dreams manifested in ways I have never dreamt of…

LNG: How did your debut come about with Shiva Valley (Goa)  being the chosen destination to make the splash?

J: Being an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, and the launch of the Russian version of my promo, I couldn’t think of a better place than the most gorgeous Goa….and I personally love Goa..

LNG: Is it a conscious decision to tread an anonymous path as you grow in stature as an artiste without going for the conventional way of sparking fanfare?

J: In my opinion freedom is the biggest luxury which the famous stars are deprived of…and to watch your stature grow from an outsiders point of view is the best and biggest reward I got for being Anonymous…I simply love it…

LNG: In today’s times when marketing is looked as the most important aspect in pursuit of success in a creative domain, do you feel talent alone is the biggest asset?

J: The marketing part actually comes at the very end of a long process, artists must concentrate on making amazing music, I reiterate do not start a song having commercial aspects in mind, make an amazing piece of music, ideas for marketing will flow-in with ease…

LNG: How has the parental support been in your progress through a different method that you follow?

J: Parental support = Life support…

LNG: What made you come out with a book Lord J- The Lord of Anonymity’?

J: To urge people to follow their dreams, wherever they may lead…I swear the journey will be mind-blowing…

LNG: Has the pandemic provided a boost to independent musicians to make themselves heard and break the shackles a bit through online revolution?

J: Absolutely and also the pandemic has created a lot of new musicians too in my opinion…

LNG: What is your message to young music talents in India?

J: Let’s all work together to take Indian music to the top of the world…


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