PANAJI: Goa-based Singh Sports Ventures is on a mission to bring in the best of global ventures to the state and contribute to the economy in a big way.

Whether it is conceptualising and organising a tournament or putting together the management and marketing strategy, Singh Sports Ventures have the all-round expertise governing the sports domain, according to Sukhvinder Singh, Director.

As part of the ‘Goa Startups’ series, puts the spotlight on Singh Sports Ventures director Sukhvinder Singh.

Sukhvinder Singh, Director, Singh Sports Ventures

LNG. Describe the product/service provided by Singh Sports Ventures?

SS: Singh Sports Ventures has 4 verticals – Advisory, Projects, Agency Services and Education. We provide advisory and consultancy services to organisations, institution and individuals which/who are engaged in sports projects or wish to undertake sports projects and initiatives related to sports. We create projects, initiatives and intellectual properties related to sports which include leagues, tournaments, tours, campaigns and research that is of value to our stakeholders. The company provides agency services in the area of sports ranging from players, coaches, infrastructure, equipment and technology. The company designs and delivers academic programme and courses related to the area of coaching, sports management and sports business.

LNG. What are the striking features of your startup?

SS: We are a full-service sports management group that provides solutions to organisations looking for any kind of support in the sports domain. Our wealth of experience, network and knowledge positions us as a service-provider that can deliver holistic solutions for optimised outcomes.

LNG. What inspired you to launch the startup?

SS: With over 20 years of experience in sports industry, we wanted to create a 20-year vision for a company that could create sporting communities, nation and the world. Goa has all the potential and elements to make the state as the biggest sporting destination in Asia and we want to realise this collective dream not only of the state but also of our country.

LNG. How big a role do you envisage for your startup?

SS: We believe that our company shall become one of the biggest contributors to the sports economy of Goa by creating long-lasting projects and bringing in the world of sports to the region.

LNG. What’s your message to startup aspirants?

SS: Have adequate amount of enthusiasm, perseverance as well as economic intelligence to survive the first 1000 days and on the back of this period, create a very specific growth strategy. In the initial phase survival is success and beyond that the progression would be natural and organic.


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