PANAJI: Adv Santosh Rama Rivankar delivered a guest lecture for the students of V M Salgaocar College of Law-Miramar, recently. The renowned advocate and ex-Public Prosecutor lectured on the topic of Criminal Procedure Code, states a press note.

Adv Rivankar began by thanking the college for giving him the opportunity to speak for the day’s lecture. The advocate stated how easy and convenient it is in the present time to learn and acquire knowledge, whereas in olden times, it was not; so he recalled this instance where he and his colleagues used to go through SCC journals and AIR’s to search for one desired judgment. He also compared the profession of law as that equal to the position of a king, apart from being a noble profession. He also explained in brief how the law has evolved over time, starting from nomadic lives to the modern lifestyle.

Adv Rivankar also talked about the role of the advocate in present times. He stressed upon the importance of a lawyer being upright, for which first he needs to acquire a lot of knowledge which will help him to understand the difference between right and wrong. Adv Rivankar also recalled his experience when he used to work as a junior lawyer and how all his small experiences and work helped him to be the person he is today. He also told the importance of learning the basics which are not taught in class but which can be acquired only by observing.

Adv Rivankar also shared his ways of learning and formulae which he has religiously followed in his professional life. He shared with us his 3H formulas which are: ‘Honesty, Hard work, Humbleness’.

Adv Rivankar describes honesty as a casualty in present times, as hardly he can see anyone being honest towards the profession. He also states how lawyers have to put in hard work to achieve the excellence they desire to achieve.


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