The definition of soccer (football) coach is someone who is involved in teaching, instructing and training in technical skills, tactical or physical development of footballers or sportsperson. The definition continues with several descriptions, (but) I like to focus on being a mentor or a facilitator in the process of youth or adult development to accomplish a certain objective or goal.

In a more philosophical or intellectual sense, the definition of football coach or manager or in the sports context; is the process of preparing a youth footballer with collective systematic activities centred on the teaching of all the different components of this sport called ‘football’ with focus on physical, mental, technical and tactical actions and not limiting to educational and behavioural changes to bring about a harmonious and multilateral development of a child or youth. Further more, a football team manager will add his or her style, philosophy and game model; and have a more expanded role in the management and outcomes of the teams participating in the competition.

What is football coaching? In my opinion, the development of the young footballers not just limited to only teaching them the knowledge of football or the game methodology, but also it’s important to develop more comprehensive individuals, who are educated in the educational principles of communication and motivation. The phrase you may have heard, used by many “we believe in educating rather than training”, is an overall idea of preparing the youth to face the challenges of their lives on and off the field. I feel that is the real definition of what football coaching is all about.

So, the question arises to every coach, for a self-reflection – Do I have what it takes to be a good football coach? In exploring this statement, one can raise several questions such as – do I understand all the interpersonal and temperament teaching moments of football coaching? Do you have a comprehensive players scouting and evaluation system in place to find the correct personnel for your team and your style of game? Do you have a particular style of game or game model you follow? Do you know the game of football broken down into macro plan, mesocycles and micro-cycles with every component well defined? Do you understand all the moments of the game and the key question; do you understand the needs of the youth and how to impart this knowledge to the youth?

To be continued…


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