Septuagenarian runners from Goa and across India are of the opinion that running is good for fitness and health. Several 70-plus age group runners are taking part in the 12th SKF Goa river marathon to be held in Chicalim on December 11 in the 5km, 10km, 21km and 42km categories.

Meera Parekh (72), Mumbai-based cancer survivor who has been training with her running coach Ravi Verma for the past five years, says “Thanks to my coach’s guidance, I have taken part in several 10km and 21km races. As a cancer survivor, I hope I can inspire more people to take up running.”

Meera said that she was looking forward to the SKF Goa river marathon as this was the first time, she was going to run in Goa.

Appu Rajan (72) Goa-based runner also advocates running for good health. The veteran runner who has been running for four decades said, “Life begins at 60 and senior citizens must remain active by running every day.”

Rajan, who has been a regular at the SKF Goa river marathon considers it one of the better organised races in the country. “This is one of the first, big marathons in Goa,” he said.

Dr Bhakti Naik (72) Goa-based anaesthetist, who took part in the 2019 Goa river marathon said, “I stood second in the 10km run for the above 65 age group category in 2019. I am therefore looking forward to the race on December 11.” According to the doctor, it was important for senior citizens to walk or run every day. “Senior citizens must exercise every day to remain fit and healthy,” Dr Bhakti said.

Sonar Muni (71) of Mumbai said that it was important for senior citizens to at least walk every day for good health. “My husband, daughter and I will be taking part in the 10km run at the SKF Goa river marathon. I regularly attend the gymnasium and walk every day to keep fit,” Muni said.

V Vasu (73) of Kozhikode, Kerala who has been running for 25 years, said, “Age is just a number. Only your mind and body matters. I love to run in Goa because of its natural beauty.”


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