PANAJI: Vikram Pai Raikar believes that Goa’s Information Technology boom augurs well for his venture ‘Valour Creations’ to flourish. “In the years to come, Valour Creations will emerge as the firm to engage with for clients who want to realise their most complex of visions,” declares the young and passionate founder/director of the animation company. puts the spotlight on ‘Valour Creations’ as part of the series on Goa’s IT industry ecosystem. Here’s is the full interview with Vikram Pai Raikar.

Vikram Pai Raikar, Founder/Director, Valour Creations

LNG. Describe the product/service provided by Valour Creations?

VPR: Valour Creations is a state of the art post-production firm that delivers – advanced 3D animations, Motion graphics, Visual effects. Valour Creations specialises in Photo Real Architectural, and Interior 3D visualisation for commercial, residential and landscape projects. We infuse elements of storytelling for our in-house concept designs which enables firms to envision prototypes of their product. Valour Creations offer a complete range of services such as:
• Technical to strikingly realistic visuals,
• 360° panoramic views,
• Stereoscopic 3D,
• CGI with photography, light and material studies.

LNG. What are the striking features of your venture?

VPR: The word ‘animation’ originates from the Latin word ‘animātiō’, which means ‘a bestowing of life’. In keeping with that, our goal is to bring to life the requirements of our client. There are two things that we value the most: artistic drive and innovations. We strive to not just make quality CG visuals – we want to create and deliver pieces of art to our clients with the most tech-savvy, novel means and approaches. All our work begins primarily by focussing on our clients and their requirements. Once we comprehend every conceivable aspect of the requirements; we dedicate our resources, both human and technical, to make dreams come true.

LNG. What inspired you to launch the company?

VPR: Animation has been my unrelenting passion for as long as I can remember. As a child, I was enthralled and captivated by animation, especially in cinema and advertising. This wonderment caused me to specialise in animation technologies where the potential is limitless. I worked in a multinational firm for over 4 years, which set me on the path to engage and comprehend the numerous requirements of clients across the world and technological advancements in animation. However, the market seems to have a scant number of firms dedicated to this versatile craft specifically for Indian clients. This is what inspired me to set up my own firm. I wake up every day enthused and energized to serve my client’s needs and the myriad commendations and plaudits received, is proof that our work has been valued and appreciated.

LNG. How big a role do you envisage for your company?

VPR: Goa has emerged as the new hub for Information Technology.  This has provided Valour Creations with an ideal launch platform to springboard from. The state of the art tools and highly-motivated professionals, has made us one of the most sought out firms for animations. In the years to come, Valour Creations will emerge as the firm to engage with for clients who want to realise their most complex of visions. It will also be the workplace to be for professionals who yearn to grow through challenges and who are passionate about their work.

LNG. What’s your message to business enthusiasts?

VPR: Never cease to dream, because these dreams with tenacity, perseverance, and patience; are what build great businesses.

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