PANAJI: Kiran Kumbhar became the first Goan cyclist to complete the ‘Everesting Challenge’ and at 20 years, second-youngest and 14th Indian overall to achieve this mind-boggling feat, states a press release by Xaxti Riders.

Kumbhar has been included in Everesting’s Hall of Fame, alongside the best climbers in the world. A mere 7055 cyclists worldwide have so far accomplished this feat.

Kumbhar from Rawanfond-Margao rode Siddhanath Parvat, Borim, Ponda – Goa’s second-highest peak and a formidable climb for a cyclist — 52 times non-stop, clocking an elevation of 9,025 metres in less than 48 hours.

“I had initially considered doing Half-Everesting,“ says Kumbhar. “However, when I started preparing for this awesome challenge, I realised I could attempt the Full Everesting.” 

The concept of ‘Everesting Challenge’ is extremely simple but brutally tough. It requires a sportsperson to run or cycle up and down a hill until they reach the total vertical elevation equivalent to the height of Mt Everest, 8,848 metres, in a single activity.

“Had it not been for the ride injury in my knees, I was motivated enough to cross even 10,000 metres,” says the cyclist.

Kumbhar is pursuing a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Goa College of Engineering.

Kiran Kumbhar (right) shares his joy with Sameer Nadkarni, Xaxti Riders president, after completing the challenge.

“This is the moment of extreme pride for us at the Xaxti Riders since Kiran Kumbhar is our young Talent Search Rider,” says Sameer Nadkarni, president of Xaxti Riders.

According to Nadkarni, under its ‘Talent Search’ programme, Xaxti Riders selects young cyclists from rural areas, and trains, motivates and supports them to attain competitive success at State and National level. “I have highest regards for Sameer Sir who keeps motivating and supporting the young riders like me.”

Kumbhar began his challenge on February 10 at 11 pm and completed it on February 12, at 5 am, with the help of a young and talented support team and an efficiently-organised camp up on the summit of Siddhanath Parvat.

Kumbhar’s name was added to Hall of Fame on February 14, 2021 after a series of checks by Hells 500, creators and custodians of the Everesting concept.


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